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Lately I'm well-known as an expert of the online environment, specialising in health and psychology.  Or perhaps it's my articles on living in Paris that bought you here, or my previous lifestyle journalism? But I'm also a fiction and film writer. I won my first short story prize aged just 14, won a grant to write a novel by 25, have had many feature scripts funded for development, and have even directed five short films. 

Content creation

Hire me for article writing, webpages, case studies, online guides, or any other sort of content


Content strategy, branding, SEO advice, storytelling website user experience, etc.  

Book a

Book a mental health and wellness session

(all sessions take place

over the internet)


Save heaps of time & money by getting expert advice o the RIGHT therapy type and therapist for your exact issues

"Andrea is without a doubt the best writer I’ve come across. Both intelligent and logical, she can write in any style for any publication. She instantly understands your vision and brand and what you want to say so she can has no trouble reaching the right audience for you - her bulletins always achieve instant results. Andrea is also an excellent editor and gets what you want to say and how to say it. She’s worked on my books, workshops and website and improved them all no end. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a writer or editor."
-Nina Grunfeld, Founder and CEO of Life Clubs UK

Some places you might have seen me:

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WANT TO  INVEST IN MY PROJECTS? I am currently launching a site on healthy living in Paris, a self development blog, and also a project to hold the mental health industry to account.  Yes, I'm a busy girl! If you are interested in being a backer get in touch

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We're connected! I am honoured.

This article is tremendously helpful. I have re-visited it again and again over the years and have shared it with many others through my own blog, I noticed most veterans suffer. This is allowing us all to heal. Thank you so much for putting it out there, it was a catalyst on the road to recovery.

Allison, re article on 'Repressed Anger’

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(*Please note that my inbox is sometimes managed by an assistant, for direct mental health assistance book a
question slot or session. In the case of a mental health crisis call a helpline or contact emergency services). 

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